I see you have preserved a few magazine coverdisks and demos/promotional material. Can you send me those?

We will not give out preserved magazine coverdisks or demos/promotional material, in the same manner that we dont give out games.

Firstly, we are not a download site. See here.

Secondly, and more importantly, these items are not actually freeware unless it is specifically designated as such by the developer (or whoever owns the rights). Just because they were on a coverdisk does not mean they are free. Even game demos, which are effectively marketing material cannot be classified as freeware. Magazines had licenses (perhaps “agreements” is probably more accurate in most cases) with the developers/publishers to put the material on the magazines.

Even the employees of the managaize publishers can get it wrong. We had a conversation with a magazine editor at one point who they insisted the material was freeware, but could not tell us why. It is something that people assume, but these assumptions have no basis in law.