Why does your tool report my drive is only capable of reading to cylinder 78?

I just tested my system/drive(s) with your tool and looked at the results. It says my DF(x) only supports a max cylinder is 78, but I know it is higher than 78!

Our disk imaging tool may have indicated that the max cylinder of your drive is 78. This is not entirely uncommon. Be assured that this test is accurate for our purposes only. This reading does not mean you cannot use the drive for normal usage (i.e. it does not mean it cannot read past cylinder 78), it just means that it is not suitable for the technique we use to image custom formats and copy protected disks.

Basically, the disk imaging tool is very system friendly. It steps over each cylinder from the beginning to end to see how far the disk head can go “easily”. If it encounters any sort of problem, it will not try and damage the drive by going further. If the head step fails, we do not push it.

If should not effect normal use, ultimately it just means we cannot use the drive for imaging disks.