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ID Name System(s) Disks Game Chipset Region Version Publisher
3150Carrier CommandAtari ST1[uk][de][fr]EURetail
3151Chrono Quest IIAtari ST3[uk]EURetail: DS
3152Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the GrailAtari ST4[uk]EURetail: v1.019
3153DiscAtari ST1[uk]EUBudget: Action Sixteen
3154Double Dragon II: The RevengeAtari ST2[uk]EUBudget: 16 Blitz, v1.2
3156Future Wars - Time TravellersAtari ST3[uk]EURetail
3157IvanhoeAtari ST2[uk]EURetail
3158Kick Off 2Atari ST1[uk]EURetail: v1.4e
3159Kick Off 2: The Final WhistleAtari ST1[uk]EURetail: v2.1e
3160KlaxAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
3161Leader Board Tournament Disk 1Atari ST1[uk]EURetail: Leader Board Birdie
3162PrinceAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
3163RafflesAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
3164The Real GhostbustersAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
3165Red Storm RisingAtari ST2[uk]EURetail: v743.01
3166RoboCopAtari ST2[uk]EURetail
3167Sargon IIIAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
3168The Seven Gates of JambalaAtari ST2[uk]EURetail
3169SphericalAtari ST2[uk]EURetail
3170SpidertronicAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
3171Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackAtari ST1[uk]EURetail: The Star Wars Trilogy
3172StryxAtari ST2[uk]EURetail
3173Tennis CupAtari ST1[uk]EUBudget: Action Sixteen
3174adidas Championship Tie-BreakAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
3175Time and MagikAtari ST2[uk]EURetail
3176Toobin'Atari ST1[uk]EURetail
3177Top Cat Starring in Beverly Hills CatsAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
3178Tower of BabelAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
3179Trivial Pursuit - A New BeginningAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
3180WantedAtari ST2[uk]EURetail
3181Warlock's QuestAtari ST1[uk]EUBudget: Pocket Soft
3182Wild StreetsAtari ST1[uk]EUBudget: Fox Hits
3183Kick Off 2: Winning TacticsAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
3184World Championship Boxing ManagerAtari ST2[uk]EURetail
3185World Class Leader BoardAtari ST1[uk]EUBudget: KlassiX
3186Captain BloodAtari ST2[uk]EURetail
3187Chase H.Q.Atari ST1[uk]EURetail
3188Player ManagerAtari ST1[uk]EURetail: Football Crazy Challenge
3189TV Sports FootballAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
3190HostagesAtari ST2[uk]EURetail
3191F-19 Stealth FighterAtari ST3[uk]EURetail: v1.02
3192Black TigerAtari ST1[uk]EURetail: Les Chevaliers de Capcom
3193StriderAtari ST1[uk]EURetail: Les Chevaliers de Capcom
3194Dynasty WarsAtari ST1[uk]EURetail: Les Chevaliers de Capcom
3195Ghouls 'n' GhostsAtari ST2[uk]EURetail: Les Chevaliers de Capcom
3196Lure of the TemptressAtari ST4[fr]EURetail: 17.6.1992
3197Le Manoir de MortevielleAtari ST2[fr]EURetail: First Edition, Kyilkhor Creation et B&JL Langlois
3198Operation StealthAtari ST3[fr]EURetail
3199Rody et Mastico IIIAtari ST1[fr]EURetail
3200Resolution 101Atari ST1[uk]EURetail

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