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ID Name System(s) Disks Game Chipset Region Version Publisher
3271500cc Grand PrixAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
32675th GearAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
55765th GearCommodore 641[uk]EUBudgetPrism Leisure
10015th GearAmiga1[uk]OCSEURetail
0093688 Attack SubAmiga1[uk]OCSEURetail
09567 ColorsAmiga1[uk]OCSEURetail
5795720 DegreesCommodore 641[uk]USRetailMindscape
6134720 DegreesCommodore 641[uk]EURetailU.S. Gold
29769 LivesAmiga1[uk]OCSEURetail
42309 to 5 TypingCommodore 641[uk]USRetailEpyx
5065A Mind Forever VoyagingCommodore 641[uk]USRetail: C128, r77Infocom
4380A Nightmare On Elm StreetCommodore 641[uk]USRetail: v2.6Monarch Software
3062A Prehistoric TaleAmiga1[uk]OCSEURetail
3987A Question of Scruples - The Computer EditionCommodore 641[uk]EURetailLeisure Genius
3529A Question of Scruples - The Computer EditionSpectrum1[uk]EURetail
3601A Question of SportSpectrum1[uk]EURetail
4193A Question of SportCommodore 641[uk]EURetailElite Systems
3496A Question of SportAmstrad CPC1[uk]EURetail
4580A View to a Kill - The Computer GameCommodore 641[uk]EURetailDomark
4584A View to a Kill - The Computer GameCommodore 641[uk]EURetailDomark
5386A View to a Kill - The Computer Game
Codename MAT II
The Pyramid
Test Match
Beaky and the Egg Snatchers
Commodore 641[uk]EUCompilation: The New Thriller PackPrism Leisure
5387A View to a Kill - The Computer Game
Test Match
Beaky and the Egg Snatchers
The Pyramid
Codename MAT II
Friday the 13th - The Computer Game
Commodore 641[uk]EUCompilation: A View to a Kill PackPrism Leisure
1396A-10 Tank KillerAmiga2[uk]OCSEURetail
2579A-TrainAmiga2[fr]OCSEURetail: v1.01
0428A-TrainAmiga2[de]OCSEURetail: v1.01
1010A-TrainAmiga2[uk]OCSEURetail: v1.01
1468A-Train Construction SetAmiga2[uk]OCSEURetail: v1.00, Classic
1469A-Train Construction SetAmiga2[uk]OCSEURetail: v1.00
4045A.L.C.O.N. - The Allied League of Cosmic NationsCommodore 641[uk]USRetailTaito
5083A.L.C.O.N. - The Allied League of Cosmic NationsCommodore 641[uk]USRetailTaito
1592A320 Airbus Vol. 2Amiga1[uk]OCSEURetail
0999Abandoned Places - A Time for HeroesAmiga5[de]OCSEURetail
1000Abandoned Places - A Time for HeroesAmiga5[uk]OCSEURetail: Electronic Zoo
2000Abandoned Places 2Amiga5[uk][de]OCSEURetail
1714Abandoned Places DemoAmiga1[uk]OCSEUCoverdisk: v1.17
1495ABC Monday Night FootballAmiga3[uk]OCSUSRetail: v1.1
5926AbyssCommodore 641[uk]DERetailKingsoft
2943Academy - Tau Ceti IIAmiga1[uk]OCSEURetail
3269Academy - Tau Ceti IIAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
1894AccordionAmiga1[uk]OCSEURetail: v1.1
4378ACE 2 - Air Combat Emulator 2Commodore 641[uk]USRetailUXB
4981ACE 2088 - The Space-Flight Combat SimulationCommodore 641[uk]EURetailCascade Games
4265Ace of AcesCommodore 641[uk]USRetailAccolade
5848Ace of AcesCommodore 641[uk]EURetailU.S. Gold
5847AcroJetCommodore 641[uk]EURetailU.S. Gold
4782Action BikerCommodore 64Atari 8-Bit1[uk]USRetailMastertronic
4038Action BikerCommodore 64Atari 8-Bit1[uk]USRetailMastertronic
4087Action BikerCommodore 641[uk]USRetailMastertronic

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