KryoFlux requires a storage format for the flux transition stream and the associated data. This format is called “DRAFT”, and is intended to be an open format for use by community tools.


  • An acronym for Data Recording Archival Flux formaT.
  • “Draft” data, pre-analysation, where usable content needs to be derived using the target encoding.
  • Reminiscent of beer, as in free beer. :)

It may work with emulators, but functionality is not guaranteed and may be unreliable. Some types of protections will not work. Also, as the content has not been analysed, it may be bad (bit rot, virus damage, etc.) or modified (hiscores, save games, copied, counterfeit). This is why it is called DRAFT; it contains unanalysed and unchecked flux transition data.

It will not be tied to a particular hardware device, and we have been careful to ensure that the flux transitions streamed out using the KryoFlux firmware are device independent.

Data stored in a DRAFT file is flux transition periods, signals, signal information. Note that we are not yet at bit cell data, as that is less accurate and is subject to interpretation of the flux transition periods.

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