Disk Format Support

27 May 2004

Disk Formats / Copy Protection Support


  • Apprentice: Another CHW variant
  • Awesome Demo
  • Creatures
  • Deliverance
  • Ghost Battle
  • Gremlin protection track variant
  • International 3D Tennis
  • Joch, Jochen Hippel format variants with flakey bits on Dragonflight, Magic Lines and possibly others.
  • Never Mind
  • Ork Demo
  • Prince: RN format variants
  • Protec protection track variant on Cardiaxx
  • Protec variant on Fire and Brimstone
  • Raider: Protection track
  • RoboCop: Original retail
  • Ruffian
  • Space Harrier support added to Hackmat
  • StarRay: Flakey bit protection
  • Wild Streets: AmigaDOS variant
  • Ubi Soft protection found on RanX, Iron Lord, Puffy’s Saga and possibly all of their own original releases.
  • Starbyte protection which is the same with the protection used by Ubi Soft with slightly different key values.

Fix Scripts

Detailed here are some fix scripts for games with mastering errors. These do not effect game data, and that cannot generally be fixed anyway. However additional data (headers, syncing etc) that may prevent proper reading of the real data content usually can be. In other words, it is fixes to the broken disk format, not the game data.

  • Another AmigaDOS mastering problem fix script: Various header/sync added, gap fixes to default values instead of missing or corrupt parts.
  • Crack Down: Fix for the mastering error, more detail of which can be found in a previous WIP.
  • Wild Streets: Fix for the broken highscore routine that did not work when the hiscore was missing/uninitialised (as it was duplicated), so since it would then never be initialised... it would never have worked.
  • Winter Camp: Fix for the mastering error. There is bit shifting on the master, but we spotted where it occurred as it is basically on a data structure that could be checked for correctness after the fix.


  • Renamed Sword of Sodan to Discovery, since the same format is used on Hybris
  • Renamed Wizard Warz to GO since it is used on Kennedy Approach as well, with a subtle change
  • Renamed Robotnic to Magic Soft


  • Dragonflight

Analyser Development

Where descriptor scripts specifically allow it, mark values are guessed by the analyser for a track instead of using fixed values. These formats are indicated by the track format name, to make it much easier and faster to check them.

IPF Library Development

New, advanced flakey data generator API as discussed in the 3rd May WIP.