R-Type 2

2 August 2004

There is a bad block on the Amiga version, which was hindering its preservation. But recently, we compared the bad block between different dumps and it seems that the master disk was bad - a bitshifting occurred at the end. We were not happy to preserve this one like this since if the block is ever accessed, the loader would stop.

However, the track (on 79.0) is full of useless junk, and is actually a default pattern written on all unused tracks, and is the same as the adjacent tracks. So an option was added to CTT to copy tracks to a different location. In this case 78.0 → 79.0 to make sure it is the same junk as the other tracks.

To confirm this is correct, we used the budget release since if the cloned track was different there would be a problem. Although the budget version track is a long track, they could still be compared using the comparison technology and were found to be the same.