XR35 Fighter Mission, TV Sports Football

23 August 2004

XR35 Fighter Mission

The IPF no longer resolves properly from the old IPX for some reason, so the preserved game id 34 has been replaced with a new IPF. Checking in CTT we can see that the old and new disk images are 100% identical in content and hence are exactly the same from an emulators perspective. It is just the descriptor and release information in the file that has slightly changed.

TV Sports Football

After the dropout bits were introduced in UAE and the IPF Library (details of which you can see in a ), the Protec protection games needed to be checked. The Protec-protection on this game was broken since the distance from the protection data must be word aligned, but the dropout bits changed the distance. The format was fixed to have data bytes instead of gap bytes (gap bytes can be changed, data bytes cannot be) so it cannot happen.