Atari ST Emulators and IPF

30 October 2004

What comes first, IPF support in an emulator or the final preserved Atari ST IPF images?

The answer is (ideally) both. However, to give ourselves a platform to test with, we decided to take Atari ST IPF support into our own hands. Firstly we took the WinSTon sources and got them to compile with the latest Direct X (a non-trivial task). Now just like we did when we started out with Amiga support and UAE, we will make a patch for IPF support. We then need to get a general feel of how good the compatibility is with currently available games.

Bug Fixes

Games we tried on our newly recompiled WinSTon seem to work okay, like Starglider 2, Virus and Flimbo’s Quest. However, there were quite a few source patches made publically available by the original author that did not make it into an official binary, so we applied those first.