Analyser: Atari ST Disk System - Working

04 July 2005

Basic support in the analyser for the first generic hardware FDC-based system (Atari ST) added to the FDC emulator is now working.

This was declared after finding and fixing a very nasty bug that caused bizarre and hard to trace scripting artifacts. It is good enough to process most games as it is now.

Things Still To Do

  • Add CRC support. In the current scripts CRC‘s are not checked, they are just marked as plain data.
  • Re-order blocks so that a format that is identical to one already scripted but not index sync’ed on the master, do not create new format scripts but instead just re-use the old one. This basically means that tracks with rotating block order remain the same format.
  • Proper gap support
  • Gap based protection data support
  • Stray blocks without associated header support
  • Create meaningful names for the scripts generated so that spotting protections, etc., is just a matter of reading the script names. It would be nice to be able to see the analyser’s decisions about how it decided on a particular protection.