How can I copy game XXX?

We can indeed see how to copy games because since we write scripts that replicate each data element of a track. Through data analysation you get to know what the original game needs in order to work - though how it reads this data is uninteresting to us, we just provide the mechanism that enables it to get what it expects.

However, knowing this would not help anyone creating a backup that is known to be correct. This is because the hardware copiers available (at least on the Commodore Amiga) are dumb "analogue" devices, and therefore integrity is pretty much non-existant. We also do not want to be flooded with “how to copy game X” mails, as it would make our work much harder when alternate dumps are needed.

Also some Copy Protection techniques may be still trade secrets held by unknown companies. This is one of the reasons we decided not to “publish” the Copylock generator algorithm in the library or anywhere else, we just provide the data.