This page describes what we are currently looking for, both in general, and specific games that we especially want to find. If you are willing to make images of your disks for us, do some scanning, or anything else, then please .


The Game List shows what we have confirmed 100% authentic so far. With this list in mind, please dump games that are:

  • Not listed at all, these have the highest priority.
  • Different language versions of the games already listed.
  • Different versions/revisions of the games already listed.
  • Different chipset/model versions (On the Amiga for example, it could be AGA vs. OCS/ECS) of the games already listed.
  • Different number of disks of the games already listed. Unless your copy is missing a few disks it could easily mean a different version.
  • Distributed in a different region to those listed, for example, many games produced in the US are different to those produced in Europe.

Re-releases (budget or compilation versions) can be dumped, but quite often they are hacked and/or altered versions of the originals and therefore we focus on the original releases whenever possible. Only dump a re-released/budget game if you think it could be a later version or has enhancements, like for example on the Platinum Series.

  • Codemasters, Zeppelin, Alternative etc. games that were sold at budget prices in the first place are not actually considered “budget”.
  • Compilations/games bundled with other games/mail order only games: are normally not considered budget and sometimes these were games that were not available otherwise.

Only Original Media

PLEASE only dump original games. Not cracked copies. And please, DO NOT send us ADF files, these are useless for presevation purposes - we can do nothing with them.


General applications will be considered in the future, however any applications that are either official enhancements for games (such as world editors etc.), edutainment (learning programs, that have games), programs that helps other gaming activities (like Dungeon Master Assistant), or game design programs that require no real programming (Shoot’em up construction kit but not AMOS) are OK. Coverdisks are welcome too.

Platform Support

Now that we use the Kryoflux device for imaging disks, we are able to support almost every disk platform, we have been actively preserving Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Legacy IBM-PC games. We are now also accepting dumps for Commodore 64, Acorn Achimedes, Atari 800, plus various japanese systems such as PC-88.

"Most Wanted" Games

Specific games that are rare, have no unmodified version available, or have otherwise been requested by their original authors.


Commodore 64/128

Especially interested in disk based Australian and USA-Releases.

C64 All disk based C64/128 Games from North America and Australia (check Games for current status)
C64 AcroJet (MicroProse) CBM DOS Version needed (RapidLok version is already preserved). Probably only US version available, not sure if ever released in EU.
C64 Battle Through Time (Anirog)
C64 Battle Droidz (Datasoft, US) sealed / unmodified dump needed.
C64 Bongo (Anirog) 2nd dump needed.
C64 Empire - Wargame of the Century (Interstel, US) 2nd dump needed.
C64 Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge (ECP, AU)
C64 Ice Hunter (Anirog)
C64 Gribbly’s Special Day Out (Rack’It, EU)
C64 Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom (Mindscape, EU, US)
C64 Jungle Drums (Anirog)
C64 K.R.I.S (The Edge)
C64 Killer Watt (Alligata Software Ltd)
C64 Loco (Alligata Software Ltd) 2nd dump needed
C64 P.C. Fuzz (Anirog)
C64 PP Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon (Demonware, 1991, EU)
C64 Rocket Roger (Alligata, EU)
C64 Star Rank Boxing II (Activision, US)
C64 Suicide Express (Gremlin, EU)
C64 Super Star Ice-hockey (Databyte, EU)
C64 Super Star Ice-hockey (Mindscape, US) (preserved 3th December 2021)
C64 Time Soldier (Electrocoin, EU)
C64 Test Drive II Scenery Disk: European Challenge (Accolade, EU, US) (preserved 29th October 2021)
C64 The Gates of Dawn (Mastertronic, US)
C64 The Magic Candle (Mindcraft, US) versions 1.10 and 1.09 missing (version 1.11 preserved)
C64 Turbo the Tortoise (Hi-Tec Software, EU) (added 11th January 2020)

Atari 8-bit (400/800/XL)

Atari 800 logo All disk based Atari 8-bit Games

Atari 800 logo Gumball (Broderbund, US)

Commodore Amiga

Amiga Abandoned Places I: English, with ICE (International Computer Entertainment) presents screen, the box probably shows the ICE logo, but this is not confirmed. It is the US and later UK release, but it is possible that the US version has a different copyright (Visionaries). Also looking for Spanish, Italian and French versions.
Amiga Abandoned Places I+II: demos/coverdisks
Amiga Alien Syndrome (only EU/UK version with file dates 21.09.1988)
Amiga Arazok’s Tomb
Amiga Aunt Arctic Adventure: German version with Starbyte and Mindware copyright, “Starbyte presents” screen.
Amiga Barbarian 2: from Palace - Retail versions with file dates not 4.8.89.
Amiga Behind the Iron Gate: English
Amiga Big Sea
Amiga Black Gold: English
Amiga Carmen Sandiego series Except ‘Where in the world...’
Amiga Chip games. English and French versions
Amiga Clown-O-Mania Retail only
Amiga Corsarios / Corsaires
Amiga Crime Time
Amiga Cruncher Factory
Amiga Crystal Hammer
Amiga Darkseed: German
Amiga Death or Glory (floppy version only)
Amiga Deja Vu II: Lost In Las Vegas
Amiga Domination
Amiga Diplomacy
Amiga Emetic Skimmer
Amiga Erben des Throns (All copies so far are modified)
Amiga Explora
Amiga Finale (Compilation by Elite)
Amiga Flight Simulator II / subLogic Scenery Disks: So far we have Scenery Disk 7, and Western European Tour only
Amiga Flip Flop
Amiga Formula One Masters (Amivision / ESP)
Amiga Fortress Underground: Retail only
Amiga Full Contact: Sold/published by 17 bit PD, and the developer is marked as “Team 7”
Amiga Future Tank
Amiga Galaxy 89
Amiga Garfield: Winter’s Tail
Amiga Gee Bee Air Rally: Retail only
Amiga Germ Crazy (English)
Amiga Goblins 3 (English)
Amiga Grossmeister
Amiga Gunship: Not 832.02 or 832.03, only other versions. This information is displayed while the game is booting. Please write protect the disk before checking!
Amiga Heat Wave
Amiga Heirs to the Throne
Amiga Helter Skelter Original release branded by “ASL”, no title picture as such instead just the words ‘Helter Skelter’ in red. Box is black with a ball and the enemies around the helter skelter logo.
Amiga Ian Botham’s Cricket
Amiga Insanity Fight: Retail or compilation
Amiga Intact
Amiga James Pond 3 non-dos disk version - just check in XCopy if most tracks of the first disk fail to copy.
Amiga Jean d’Arc French only
Amiga Jet Instrument Trainer
Amiga Journey to the Centre of the Earth: (Chip) French version
Amiga Jump Machine
Amiga Khalaan: (Chip) English and French versions
Amiga Kick Off 3: European Challenge AGA: Retail only (compilation version already done)
Amiga Legend of Kyrandia, The - Book One: French retail
Amiga Lemmings “Promo”: This was a promotional version of the game with levels dedicated to Commodore. There were 4 or 5 levels and were all based around Commodore logos. C= “Chicken Head”, “Commodore”, and the Amiga ‘A’.
Amiga Leviathan (disk has been preserved, only the dongle is missing)
Amiga Locomotion
Amiga Lords of Doom
Amiga Mad TV (English)
Amiga Magic Seven, The
Amiga McDonald Land: UK/US version with Virgin airplane in the intro.
Amiga Der Landsitz Von Mortville/Mortville Manor: German
Amiga Night Shift (retail only, not compilation)
Amiga Nil Dieu Vivant: (Chip) (Day of the) Pharaoh French version
Amiga Nipper vs. The Katz
Amiga Overdrive (Infacto): This is not the Team 17 game, but from Infacto.
Amiga Panza Kick Boxing: Only the retail versions sold outside the UK
Amiga Pinball Wizard v2.0
Amiga Platou
Amiga Platoon (EU retail)
Amiga Popeye 2
Amiga Postman Pat 2
Amiga Power Struggle (English)
Amiga Powerbox Kingsoft compilation
Amiga P.T.C
Amiga Racter
Amiga Raiders, The
Amiga Rambo III: PAL retail only
Amiga RanX: German and English only, French is dumped
Amiga Red Zone: Another Psygnosis “we-duplicate-without-verifying” game. Unfortunately also not very common. EU versions seem to have mastering errors, so we are especially looking for a US release.
Amiga Road Raider
Amiga Rock Challenge
Amiga Rocket Attack
Amiga Rock Star: By Infomedia. Not the hamster eating variety!
Amiga Scrolling Walls
Amiga Short Grey, The
Amiga Sky Cabbie
Amiga Sorcerer Lord English and German Only
Amiga Soul Crystal Retail only
Amiga Space Pilot 89
Amiga Space Vegetables: in the “Mega Compilation” with Demon Blue, Ninja Rabbits, Summer Olympiad & Winter Supersports
Amiga Spirit of Adventure Retail only
Amiga Starbyte Super Soccer
Amiga Street Gang
Amiga Strip Poker: Sizzling game of chance plus data disks Kingsoft
Amiga Super Hero: Perhaps somebody has this unreleased game
Amiga Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: World Tour
Amiga Temple of Apshai Trilogy
Amiga Time Runners 10
Amiga Total Eclipse: EU Retail only
Amiga Traders English Only
Amiga Traps ‘n’ Treasures English Only
Amiga Trivial Pursuit: Retail only
Amiga Trivial Pursuit: A New Beginning (English)
Amiga Turn It
Amiga Turn It 2
Amiga Ubi Soft: Any other missing games
Amiga Vegas Gambler
Amiga Victory Road
Amiga Whale’s Voyage: AGA versions in any language
Amiga Whale’s Voyage 2: English needed, also AGA versions in any language.
Amiga Wind Challengers
Amiga Winter Games Retail only
Amiga Wizards Castle
Amiga Wizmo
Amiga World Class Leaderboard Retail only, not Kixx or other budget release
Amiga Zombi

Publisher Specific
Amiga Infocom: Missing titles - not the infocom/mastertronic releases
Amiga Kingsoft: Missing titles - standalone and compilation
Amiga Level 9 Games: Missing titles
Amiga Sierra: Dual language games, probably most of them are the ones sold in Germany. Still missing titles. Copy protected versions, that are now marked with HLS in the database. We suspect that the only missing ones (apart from undumped titles) now are: Police Quest 1 and Space Quest 2.
Amiga Simulmondo: Time Runners, Dylan Dog, Diabolik, Simulman, Tex series in all languages and other missing Simulmondo titles
Amiga Starbyte: Missing titles inc those listed above
Amiga Synergy: Missing titles - Gadget - Lost in Time, Rebellion, Slackskin & Flint, Tensai, Twin Turbos

And obviously anything else not on THE GAMES LIST.

Atari ST

Atari logo All


IBM logo All
IBM logo Abandoned Places


MSX logo All

SAM Coupé

All commercial (not PD) games including, but not limited to:

SAM Coupé logo Astroball
SAM Coupé logo Batz ‘n’ Ballz Revelation retail version
SAM Coupé logo Boing
SAM Coupé logo Defenders of the Earth
SAM Coupé logo Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters
SAM Coupé logo Exodus
SAM Coupé logo Famous Five, The Enigma Variations Retail
SAM Coupé logo Football Director 2
SAM Coupé logo Football League Manager
SAM Coupé logo Impatience
SAM Coupé logo Klax
SAM Coupé logo Lemmings
SAM Coupé logo Manic Miner
SAM Coupé logo Mind Games
SAM Coupé logo Mind Games 2
SAM Coupé logo Oh No More Lemmings
SAM Coupé logo Parallax
SAM Coupé logo Quizball
SAM Coupé logo SAM Multipack 1
SAM Coupé logo Sophistry
SAM Coupé logo Splat!
SAM Coupé logo Waterworks
SAM Coupé logo Waterworks 2
SAM Coupé logo Wop Gamma

Acorn Archimedes

Archimedes Logo All

NEC PC-8801

NEC logo All

Acorn Electron

Electron logo All Games on 3.5” Disks. Most Commercial titles supplied on disk are on this format.

BBC Micro

O RLY? All disk based BBC Micro Games

Amstrad CPC

Amstrad Logo All disk based games. You will need a special adaptor for this as they are on 3” “Compact Floppy Disks”.

ZX Spectrum

Spectrum Logo All disk based games. You will need a special adaptor for this as they are on 3” “Compact Floppy Disks”.


Scans for games are released when they are complete, time permitting. This means everything that originally came with the game. If you would like to help us scan the games then please have a look at the SPS Scanning Guidelines (Version 2.01).

Particular Material Needed

  • James Pond 3: Mission briefings 1-3.
  • Lemmings II had 12 different “pins”. One coming with each copy of the game. So far we have: Medieval, Outdoor, Shadow and Highland. It would be nice to get a scan of them all.
  • Rolling Ronny: Apparently a poster came with this game, just not in the copy we have. If anyone has it, please let us know.
  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (Indy 4) Action Adventure: Box and manuals scans. Resolved 29th Dec 2021