First 400 games preserved


The list of preserved games has been updated with the first 400 games. There are many more on the way.

The first batch of mails about the releases has gone out to contributors. If you have contributed game(s) which are on the release list, don’t worry, another batch of emails will be going out tomorow. If after tomorow you have not recieved a mail, please contact us because there are some contributors whose email addresses we either cannot locate, or no longer work.

IMPORTANT: If a game does not appear to work, it is likely your config. We will be making available our “recommended” configurations for the different class machines produced by Commodore in due course. These configurations are designed to be as close to the real machines as is possible, and therefore slow systems may have trouble. Most games will not work unless your configuration is correct.

You can find the first recommended configuration for the A500 (OCS chipset, 1Mb) on the download page.