Important News Regarding Contributions


We are now focussing our efforts on finalising support for Generic MFM based disks. This includes support for some unreleased Amiga images, as well as images for the Atari ST, PC, and SAM Coupe, plus any other images we receive for systems with the same scheme.

Since there will be no further game preservation until this support is complete, we would kindly ask that contributors do not upload any disk images of material that has already been preserved, as it heavily burdens our efforts in processing disk images. To give you an idea, around 67% of the hundreds and hundreds of dumps submitted since the last preservation batch were in fact duplicates of those already preserved, and it takes a huge amount of effort to check each and every one. This is time taken directly away from constructive development of the technology.

However, please do continue to dump disks which are:

  • Not yet preserved, especially those on the wanted list.
  • Different versions of those preserved (different language, version number, etc. See the scope for more info).

If you are submitting games that are different versions to ones preserved, please be absolutely certain they are really a different version before submitting. If you are unsure, or are unable to determine, then please do not submit them for the time being. It is better that we spend our time on games we know need to be preserved as there is simply so many out there to do.

We will be posting the WIP’s from the “Generic MFM” support in the following weeks, so you will be able to check back to read up on our progress in this regard.