Multi Platform Effort Is Go!


Our previous post on multi-platform support introduced eight games not exclusively for the Amiga preserved. All of these were either ST/Amiga or PC/Amiga dual-format, which was a neat, if rather modest, start.

Today, we are very pleased to announce the first real batch of preserved disk-based games for systems other than the Amiga, namely the Atari ST, Amstrad CPC and Spectrum.

This batch includes:

300 games for the Atari ST
100 games for the Amstrad CPC
130 games for the Sinclair Spectrum

You can access the list of games from our usual games page. To show only games for one platform, select it from the search bar and click “Submit”.

There are several emulators currently adding support for IPF (Interchangeable Preservation Format), and we’ll post about any that we know have become publically available1). The games also work on the excellent HxC floppy disk drive emulator.

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