Original E-MU Emulator disk format added to KryoFlux


One month after reverse engineering the disk format used by E-MU Systems’ sampler Emulator II, the Software Preservation Society adds full support for the even older Emulator (released in 1982) to its first class high definition flux sampler KryoFlux. Unlike its successor, the Emulator II, it’s not possible to transfer the data to a computer through the Emulator’s serial port. With this move, Emulator users can verify and access their data again for the first time ever without using original Emulator hardware.

KryoFlux could always read the disks as raw flux transition timing as usual. This support adds the facility to check the data, and export it to a suitable sector image.

Thanks to KryoFlux, reading of Emulator disks is completely automatic and creates an image without the need for user interaction. Soon it will be possible to read, create and convert the actual sound bank content in these disk images using the comfortable EMXP software.

Even better, the exported disk images can also be used to drive an original Emulator machine using the excellent HxC floppy drive emulator.

Seeing is believing. Watch the video!