Started on Atari ST Support

27 October 2004

Since there were nearly no dumps submitted in the last few weeks, we started working on Atari ST support. See the previous WIP to read about the support work - generic hardware MFM support. We will soon be programmatically generating scripts for the analyser to produce Atari ST images. This is unfortunately impossible for the Commodore Amiga.

We emailed Atari ST emulator authors about IPF support since they can start implementing the stuff now from the API documention. Images for testing can be provided to ensure implementations are working.

A nice side effect of this support is that the many Commodore Amiga games with Atari ST format tracks can also be preserved, like Thalion games. They have so far been delayed until proper Atari support was done so the solution was generic, not just some quick hack to get specific titles supported.