Atari ST Technical Documents Needed

31 October 2004

Thankfully for us, the Atari ST was made up of mostly off the shelf parts. However, it seems that the datasheets or technical specifications for many of the parts are now hard to find.

Fortunately we already possess most of the original Atari documents. Unfortunately, these system manuals and stuff are all specific to Atari, and since most of the parts you find in an ST is off the shelf industry standard ICs, Atari just tells you what part it is, how it is mapped to memory or otherwise. For programming and other information they refer you to the original documentation. When the ST was originally released, it was fairly straightforward to get these datasheets but it is near impossible these days. We have nearly all of them, but some are missing since when we were getting the stuff at the time, we did not notice them, and we pretty obviously do not have access to these datasheets anymore.

The first document we need is for the DMA controller connected to the WD1772 FDC. IC part number C025913-38 or the later C398739-001A which fixed a DMA problem with the hardware.

We need to know exactly how it worked, so only the original documents will do. If anyone has, or can get a copy of either of these documents, please get in contact, or simply contact us. When we have found this document, we will reflect that fact here.