Amiga: New Analyser Formats, Carthage, Carcharodon

21 December 2004

Formats Added

  • Alternate Lankhor formats used on Outzone and Rody et Mastico series
  • Starush ADOS variant
  • Ziriax


This game had been requested for a very long time. All the disks previously submitted have duplication errors. The game being rare did not help the situation either. However we have finally found a copy that although was modified, had the correct data that was previously missing/bad, thus allowing us to recreate both the PAL and NTSC originals from the various dumps.


This is a fairly rare game where the duplicators put CRC16s on the tracks to verify the duplication was successful. These CRC16s were not used by the game at all, but all the copies we had dumped had an error at one point which was not recognized by the game due to it using a completely different checksum. Fortunately our analysation process highlighted it as being bad anyway. Today we got a new dump for it where the CRC16 used by the duplicators is correct.