Analyser: Sync Detection

17 July 2005

Sync’s in the data or gap area of any block are detected and scripted properly now. If this data was related to protections that are suspected to be unsupported, it is no longer reported, as it is resolved properly in the script. Of course anything unresolved is still reported.

Track containing syncs in their data/gap area are tagged with the flag ‘M’.

A few more protections are now auto-detected.

Enhanced pattern matching for protection identification means more special protections are identified.


When “protection” is mentioned in respect to the recent analyser development, it strictly refers to data that cannot be resolved properly without understanding its meaning. If it was “supported” using the generic scripting, it would probably produce incorrect data sizes, or any any number of other strange (and incorrect!) side-effects.

Generic protections and formats (that means a lot of software) work without any kind of direct support; direct support always means some exceptions to the built-in rules, and are things that would otherwise be too messy to support with just artificial intelligence.