Analyser: Continued Generic MFM support


We are again working on adding support for recently analysed ZX spectrum MFM formats to the script generator. Apart from the preservation value, they are a very useful reference.

The analyser needs some changes, as previously it replaced/corrected format descriptions based on block analysis/signatures. It will need to:

  1. Be able to detect logical “OR” conditions (currently all conditions for matching are “AND”)
  2. Group block analysis together for an entire track, again defaulting block results to be AND’ed, but supporting OR alternatively. This will require probably a two, or perhaps multi-pass approach instead of the current single pass solution. Hopefully it can be done cleanly. It should cache the results for all blocks and if all of them satisfy the conditions the descriptor should take effect.
  3. Convert existing block signatures to format signatures with a single signature block. This should be trivial once the format signature is in place, but it is potentially error prone so it needs testing for each existing format supported, a necessary quality control step.

These items will next be expanded on and clarified as they are worked on.