KryoFlux - Drive Speed


The cell conversion now gets proper cell sizes using the target platform’s drive speed and the current drive speed measured per cell. The current drive speed is interpolated for each cell using the available speed data after each revolution. While the drive speed change may actually not be linear, this is still a useful approximation. In other words, the conversion returns correct cell sizes for, say, a 300 RPM system (C64 drive) sampled using a 360 RPM drive (standard PC drive).


As mentioned before, we are trying to organise a PCB layout design to allow people to build hardware themselves cheaply. The news is that this design is coming along nicely. We have +5V and +12V on the board, and we’ll also make sure the voltage is stabilized. You only need a power adapter if you want to power the drive via the board, which will have a small and a large power connector so it can drive 3.5” and 5.25” drives with ease. We will also have the ability to “patch” drives via jumpers, just in case a special cable has the 5.25” unit on the wrong motor + select lines.