KryoFlux - Generic MFM Sector Images


Generic MFM sector images supported. 40 track images not supported yet, but otherwise it seems to be working.

Got rid off some image types not needed. From now on the default geometry is always one that allows the detection of all data possibly present on the disk. If automatically detecting real data presence on the disk is not desired setting the end track to the desired maximum value will prevent taking extra data into account.

Made start/end track commands local to an image if image type is defined after them; otherwise they are global. Note: this is a physical limit preventing the dumping (or using) of tracks outside the specified limits - it does not alter the logical layout of an image, I.e. the image will have the ignored data filled with the predefined filler value (0). Restricting tracks for use on the other hand may cause DTC to select a more optimal disk geometry for the affected image(s).

Image type specific RPM (of the simulated system’s drive), can now be overridden. Although this may not be very useful given that the band analyzer is normally capable of choosing the correct cell sizes, and thus the reference clock - it might be sometimes helpful for edge cases if/ever adjusting the cells automatically fail.