KryoFlux - Generic FM Sector Image Support


Generic FM support is now implemented so now sector images for BBC, Atari 8-bit, PC-8801 and other can be produced (but remember of course that KryoFlux can produce raw images of basically anything).

Other work:

  • Rewritten all geometries to take advantage of the track distance setting.
  • Re-tested all formats including edge cases.
  • Added support for track distance in CT “raw” images.
  • All image types support 84 tracks now.
  • Changed D64 image to support any number of tracks from 35-42. Some programs may have issues with that (default being 35 or 40), but at least two emulators (VICE, plus4emu) would work just fine, so no need to create excess padding, and tracks above 40 will work as well.