KryoFlux - Physical/Logical Side - Implemented


Similar to how track handling works, disks now have a physical side and a logical side; this is required when processing flippy disks as their side 1 is actually intended to be side 0 when read, otherwise a warning is always reported when dumping side 1 of a flippy disk due to side mismatch for those formats that support side identification.

Disk data however is still imaged by the physical side by design. The reason is that once a flippy disk is imaged on both sides by using the logical side both sides would be pointing to the same disk surface - which is of course incorrect.

If the track number found is different from the expected value the value found is displayed as well, e.g. 000[008] where the number in brackets is the real number found. This is especially useful for aligning modified drives for flippy disk dumping.