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ID Name System(s) Disks Game Chipset Region Version Publisher
6112Raid on Bungeling BayCommodore 641[uk]EURetailAriolasoft
6111Crusade in EuropeCommodore 641[uk]EURetailMicroProse
6110Sesame Street: Letter-Go-RoundCommodore 641[uk]USRetailCBS Software
6109Argos Expedition, TheCommodore 642[uk]USRetailCBS Software
6108Weather TamersCommodore 641[uk]USRetailCBS Software
6107Fleet FeetCommodore 641[uk]USRetailCBS Software
6106Road Rally U.S.A.Commodore 641[uk]USBudgetFirebird
6105Sherlock HolmesCommodore 641[uk]USBudgetFirebird
6104Terminator 2: Judgment Day
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants
WWF WrestleMania
Commodore 643[uk]EUCompilation: The Dream TeamOcean
6103Dream Team, The - 3 on 3 ChallengeCommodore 641[uk]USRetailData East
6102Battle of AntietamCommodore 641[uk]USRetail: v1.1SSI
6101Questron IICommodore 641[uk]USRetail: v1.2SSI
6100Rings of ZilfinCommodore 642[uk]USRetail: v1.0SSI
6099Gettysburg - The Turning PointCommodore 641[uk]USRetail: v1.1SSI
6098Chinese JugglerCommodore 641[uk]USRetailCreative Software
6097Cluedo - Master Detective
Scrabble De Luxe
Deluxe Monopoly
Risk - The World Conquest Game
Commodore 644[uk]DECompilation: Board Genius - Four Classic GamesBeau-Jolly
6096Cluedo - Master Detective
Scrabble De Luxe
Deluxe Monopoly
Risk - The World Conquest Game
Commodore 644[uk]EUCompilation: Board Genius - Four Classic GamesBeau-Jolly
6095Photon Reflection
Spatial Billiards
Dancing Monster
Buffalo Roundup
Save Me, Brave Knight
Commodore 641[uk]EUCompilation: Fantasy FiveCBM
6094Def Con 5 - Strategic Defense Initiative SimulationCommodore 641[uk]EURetailMicroProse
6093BreakthruCommodore 641[uk]USRetailData East
6092Galaxy ForceCommodore 642[uk]EURetailActivision
60911541 Backup
Sooper Froot
Stellar Wars
The Quest
Commodore 641[uk]EUCompilation: 6 Games ProgramsCBM
6090Jack the RipperCommodore 641[uk]EURetailCRL Group
6089QuestronCommodore 641[uk]USRetailSSI
6088Overrun!Commodore 641[uk]USRetail: v1.0SSI
6087TransylvaniaCommodore 641[uk]USRetailPolarware
6086TransylvaniaCommodore 64Atari 8-Bit1[uk]USRetailPenguin Software
6085Oo-ToposCommodore 641[uk]USRetailPolarware
6084Minit ManCommodore 64Apple II1[uk]USRetailPenguin Software
6083Space Invasion
Frank Bruno's Boxing
Commodore 642[uk]DECompilation: Hit-Pak: Best of Elite Vol. 1Elite Systems
Ghosts 'n Goblins
BombJack II
Commodore 641[uk]EUCompilation: Hit-Pak: Best of Elite Vol. 2Elite Systems
6081WindwalkerCommodore 642[uk]USRetailOrigin Systems
6080Make Your Own Murder PartyCommodore 641[uk]USRetailElectronic Arts
6079Might and Magic Book One: Secret of the Inner SanctumCommodore 642[uk]USRetailNew World Computing
6078Stealth MissionCommodore 641[uk]USRetail: v1.0subLogic
6077Battle for NormandyCommodore 641[uk]USRetailSSI
6076Rebel Charge at ChickamaugaCommodore 641[uk]USRetail: v1.0SSI
6075Ferrari Formula One - Grand Prix Racing SimulationCommodore 641[uk]USRetailElectronic Arts
6074Ferrari Formula One - Grand Prix Racing SimulationCommodore 641[uk]DERetailElectronic Arts
6073World Cup Soccer
The Big KO!
Commodore 641[uk]USRetail: World Cup SoccerShareData
6072Wheel of Fortune - New Second EditionCommodore 641[uk]USRetailShareData
Wheel of Fortune
Commodore 642[uk]USCompilation: Wheel of Fortune & JeopardyShareData
6070Jeopardy!Commodore 641[uk]USRetailShareData
6069Max Torque
Aqua Racer
Commodore 641[uk]USCompilation: Racing Simulation GamesShareData
6068Classic ConcentrationCommodore 641[uk]USRetail: v1.6ShareData
6067Atomic Handball
Cosmic Crusader
Commodore 641[uk]USCompilation: Atomic Challenger, v3.5Load 'n' Go! Software
6066AlienCommodore 641[uk]USRetailLoad 'n' Go! Software
6065Card SharksCommodore 641[uk]USRetail: v1.2ShareData
6064TapperCommodore 641[uk]USRetailSega
6063Imperium GalactumCommodore 641[uk]USRetail: v1.4SSI

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