Work-In-Progress Reports for April 2002

19 April 2002

More Amiga Descriptors (Disk Formats): New - Digital Magic Format Descriptor for Digital Magic software games. It is a rather ambiguous one, a modified Rainbird format and actually only took a few minutes to derive, which is probably the same amount of time it took to "develop" (nick?) from Rainbird. (more)

16 April 2002

Encrypted Disk System Support: Added generic support for encrypted disk systems and added a few actual systems on the way. This requires data processing for mastering & saving of the disk(s), and data processing for analysation & viewing. Since we are not altering the game code, we will not hardwire various encoders / decoders into the release format (they do not belong with the physical data). (more)

14 April 2002

Analyser Development: Although we are still working on the encrypted disk system, various things have been done to the analyser in the last few days. * Various generic processing speedups. * Analysation now supports a fast mode and a deep mode. (more)

12 April 2002

Domain Transfer in Progress: Due to the problems we have been experiencing, we have decided to transfer the domain and hosting to a new ISP. This may affect availability of the site and emails for a few days at some point in the coming weeks. If you have any problems please contact us at the new address on the contacts page.

8 April 2002

Encrypted Disk System Work Started: We are currently reverse engineering an encrypted disk system that we have seen quite a few times so far. After that is done, we can get back to finishing the analyser.

5 April 2002

Minor Analyser Improvement: It seems that the version (v2.2) of ZIP ported to countless platforms and without any new versions since 1997 "because it is so stable", randomly trashes files before or after adding them! This is only on a handful of files in dozens but the analyser now detects these corrupt image files and displays an appropriate error.

3 April 2002

Parallel Work: Parallel to what is mentioned in the WIP reports of the last 2-3 months, we have also been continually working on various other things. (more)