Work-In-Progress Reports for February 2005

5 February 2005

WinSTon: Update: We're now in contact with some of the original people involved with WinSTon, who are looking into the possibility of having the necessary changes made. Until then, it looks like WinSTon will remain a hybrid hack used only as a test tool in our labs. We'll post any further news on this, as well as any thoughts on how we may proceed in this area.

1 February 2005

WinSTon: Emulation Problems: We tested several 'problematic disk images' using the newly 'enhanced' WinSTon. It would seem that historically, WinSTon is plagued by three distinct problems. - Lack of any real FDC emulation. - Serious CPU bugs. - File handling not even close to suitable for use with proper disk images (so far we've been working with our own hacks to circumvent this problem for testing). (more)