Work-In-Progress Reports for September 2004

27 September 2004

Hardware MFM Format Generator: Disk Format / Copy Protection Support New Commodore Amiga disk formats or copy protections. * Alternate Visionary Design format on C64 Emulator (by ReadySoft) * Virtual Worlds: Flakey bit protection Hardware MFM Format Generator This is bit is rather heavy going. However, reading though it will be rewarded. (more)

23 September 2004

Timing-based protections: Disk Formats / Copy Protection Support New * A Question of Sport: Another Elite Systems variant * Adam Brierley timing protection on Black Hornet, Merchant Colony, Insector Hecti, possibly some other games as well. * Another Adam Brierley protection supported found on Cavitas, where the disk key is encoded purely as data density changes, see below for more on this. (more)