Work-In-Progress Reports for May 2004

27 May 2004

Disk Format Support: Disk Formats / Copy Protection Support New * Apprentice: Another CHW variant * Awesome Demo * Creatures * Deliverance * Ghost Battle * Gremlin protection track variant * International 3D Tennis * Joch, Jochen Hippel format variants with flakey bits on Dragonflight, Magic Lines and possibly others. (more)

22 May 2004

Super Skidmarks: People may have noticed the absence of the game Super Skidmarks for the Amiga in our list of games preserved. Surely a common game? Well, yes, it is. However the 10's and 10's of dumps we have seen before now all had errors. But, as seems often to be the case recently, surprising things do turn up and a contributor submitted what is probably the only, or one of very few, good copies of this game. (more)

8 May 2004

RoboCop: It was hard for us to find a good copy of Robocop for the Amiga because the disks are mostly broken. The guy that created the disk format also did other "problem format" games as mentioned in a previous WIP, such as the Beast series, various other Psygnosis titles, Hammerfist and now RoboCop. (more)

3 May 2004

Flakey-bit Generator Enhanced: Dragonflight Replaced The Amiga game Dragonflight preserved as id ''58'' worked as the original does on most machines. However, it has now been replaced with one which works as it was intended to. The original disk images had a diskchange problem after entering the disk backup menu. Basically, it did not accept the "A" disk on exiting the backup program. (more)